Enerhack your life
We are raising awareness in the field of energy
We are raising a generation that has extensive knowledge in the field of energy, can solve problems in the energy and other fields in the future, and helps to achieve the goals of climate neutrality.
Our projects
Enerhack Camp
ϟ launched in summer 2021
ϟ 3000 registered children
ϟ 1500 children participated in the camp
Free energetics children's camp in TalTech
Enerhack TRIPS
Enerhack Education
ϟ raising the awareness of young people in the field of energy
ϟ launched in 2021/2022
Energetics education program for schools
Enerhack Academy
ϟ courses from specialists in their field: sun, wind, district heating, HVAC, gas, etc.
ϟ certificates for energetics specialists
Energetics Knowledge Academy
ϟ energetics for children made easy through experiments
ϟ energetics family days for the whole family
Energetics hobby group at TalTech
Enerhack Me
We bring together employers and professionals
ϟ We only focus on the field of energy, which allows us to offer the best quality service to both employers and employees

Excursions to energy facilities
ϟ We introduce to young students modern energy objects
ϟ Solar, wind, hydro, biomass, waste, biomethane, district heating etc
Enerhack HR
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We are all responsible for shaping a future where everyone understands the importance of their actions.
Our sponsors
We are grateful to our supporters who help us create our projects!
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Our projects are being talked about
Eesti Soojustehnika-inseneride Selts 09.2021:
"This summer, an energy camp was held for schoolchildren at the TalTech Institute of Energy Technology. During the summer, almost 1,500 children took part in the camp!
Enerhack also creates an energy education program for Estonian schools in 5th to 12th grades."

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ETV+ "Летняя студия" 13.08.21:
"In the summer, a free energy-themed children's camp was held at TalTech University. Igor Krupenski, a lecturer at TUT, PhD and co-founder of the camp, spoke more about the camp."

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Paekivitoodete Tehase OÜ 23.07.21:
"Paekivitoodete Tehase OÜ supports enerhack camp kids camp in Tallinn!"

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Eesti Maleliit 16.08.21:
"Tallinn University of Technology hosts a large-scale free energy and chess kids camp Enerhack in the summer!"

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